About Me

A Wildlife Enthusiast, Adventure seeker, wildlife photographer

I am a Web Designer and Developer by profession, but on the other hand, I am a wildlife photographer, who loves camping and thrilling adventures. I love Overlanding and camping in the most remote places, experiencing the unexpected and wild encounters just fills my soul. I am also a business owner, and founder of Discover Africa Wildlife, Discover Africa Blog, Discover Africa Marketing, Cheetah Revolution Safaris, Duma Safaris, Retreats Africa. I have traveled to most destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and I would want to meet my goals of visiting and impacting lives all over Africa. 

I travel to impact lives, change and fill people’s hearts with love. My travel escapades incorporate medical, educational, and water supply camping expeditions. With these kinds of initiatives, I ensure people get better medical supplies, access to clean water, and education. My travels are solo sponsored at the moment, but I invite any person willing to support these initiatives, If you would love to join me on my camping expeditions, please get in touch with me.

John Kangethe

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